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Advanced Planning Guide


Advanced Planning Guide

Prepare For The Unexpected

Prepare For The Unexpected

Most of us plan for the possible, the potential misfortunes of life that seldom actually happen, Why not gain some peace of mind by planning for the inevitable - your final expenses? You'll get the peace of mind that comes with planning ahead, and your family will be saved the financial burden when you're gone. Last year alone, more than one million people planned and funded their final expenses ahead of time.

Wouldn't it be nice to know this is takes care of today, before the need arises, and with the support of those you love? With funeral and memorial planning insurance coverage you can do just that.

Plan ahead

Often individuals provide for final expenses using their savings or by relying on friends and relatives for financial assistance. Do you want to leave your loved ones with an unexpected financial burden?

Advantages of planning your funeral

1. Removes the emotional burden so family members won't have to wonder, "Did we do the right thing?"

2. Allows you to control your own celebration so it truly reflects who you are.

3. Organizes data so your family doesn't worry about locating vital information.

4. Shows your sense of responsibility for the family by making decisions, so your loved ones won't have to....saving them from potential disagreements.

Advantages of funding your funeral

1. Sets aside funds to help remove the unexpected financial burden on your family to pay for funeral expenses.

2. Helps eliminate the need for your family to determine who is responsible for, or capable of, paying for your services. 

Peace of mind 

Today, more and more people recognize the emotional advantages of planning their funeral in advance.

Funeral and memorial planning funded through life insurance and annuities provide many advantages:

No income tax liability on death proceeds - The life insurance death benefit is generally exempt from income tax liability.

May qualify for Medicaid/SSI assistance*- You may be able to reduce your net assets while providing for your final expenses if the ownership is irrevocably transferred as required for Medicaid/SSI spend downs.

Simple underwriting - Based on your answers to any required health questions, you may receive first-day coverage of the entire face amount.

Easy and Rapid claim service - Our rapid death claim process helps minimize the obligation for your family to pay for the funeral. In most cases claims are paid out within 72hrs.

Portable coverage - This insurance coverage is portable, allowing you to move the coverage as needed during your lifetime and retain your coverage.

*Note: Medicaid/SSI rules may vary by state and may impose limits on the amount that can be irrevocably assigned. Use of an irrevocable assignment may vary by state.

How to Receive your Free- Planning Guide

How to Receive your Free- Planning Guide

Please contact our Advanced Planner to receive your free Funeral / Memorial Planning Guide. 

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“If every wife knew, what every widow knows, every family would make these decisions ahead of time." ~ Anonymous